The Dalmacija Ultra Trail, a breathtaking physically demanding race held each year in Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian area, is a monument to human endurance and nature’s fascination. The race, which debuted in 2015, immediately became a prestigious event, attracting participants from all over the world. It is now one of Croatia’s best trail races, attracting thousands of daring runners and outdoor enthusiasts. The event is the result of the efforts of the Croatian Mountaineering Society. Each year, they methodically prepare and execute the event, assuring the safety of the runners as well as the preservation of the magnificent natural pathways. The Society’s dedication to promoting climbing and trail running has resulted in increased worldwide participation, transforming the race into a melting pot of nations linked by a love of nature and sport.

The Dalmacija Ultra Trail also offers a team relay option for those who prefer a more social experience. This style encourages friendship and teamwork because participants must cooperate and rely on one another to complete the difficult course. It gives the race a social component, making it more than just a test of individual grit and determination, but also a bonding event. Dalmacija Ultra Trail has evolved from a local race to a major event on the global trail running calendar. Despite its expansion, it has maintained its primary theme of honouring the human spirit, encouraging a love of the outdoors, and highlighting the breathtaking beauty of the Dalmatian region. The event continues to inspire and challenge runners of all ages, giving a remarkable journey through one of the world’s most beautiful places.



The Dalmacija Ultra Trail appeals to a wide variety of runners, from seasoned ultra marathoners to trail running newcomers. The event includes four distinct races, each offering a unique trip through the gorgeous Dalmatian landscapes:

DUTY 164 km: The most difficult and rewarding challenge of the Dalmacija Ultra Trail. It is a 164-kilometre journey that tests participants while revealing Dalmatia’s raw beauty. The route passes across a range of landscapes, including rugged mountain terrain, dense forest trails, and picturesque coastline routes. Runners who are bold enough to take on this course are rewarded with spectacular views and the enormous satisfaction of finishing one of the most difficult races on the trail running circuit.

DUCAN 110 km: Though not as long as the DUTY, the DUCAN 110-kilometre route should not be underestimated. It is a challenging test for seasoned trail runners eager to exceed their limits. The race follows an abbreviated version of the DUTY route, but it retains the core of the challenge, with a hard combination of hills, descents, and varied terrain.

KOMARNA 60 km: This race is more accessible to seasoned runners, although it’s still a demanding race. The picturesque 60-kilometre route brings runners through the charming coastal towns of Dalmatia. The course transitions from rocky trails to coastal paths, so runners can expect a varied landscape. The KOMARNA is a good choice for runners looking for a shorter distance without sacrificing trail running’s adventurous attitude.

VRLIKA 10 km: The VRLIKA 10-kilometer course delivers a taste of the Dalmacija Ultra Trail without the extreme distance, making it ideal for novices, casual runners, or those searching for a less demanding experience. Despite its shorter length, this race captures the spirit of the event by allowing runners to immerse themselves in the gorgeous Dalmatian surroundings. It’s a great starting point for individuals who want to run longer distances in the future.

Each race, no matter how long it is, is carefully planned to showcase the best of the Dalmatian region, from its rough mountain peaks to its tranquil beach cities. The Dalmacija Ultra Trail provides a race for every runner, providing a fantastic experience in the stunning Croatian countryside.


The Dalmacija Ultra Trail’s terrain is diverse and difficult, therefore having the correct equipment is essential. Proper trail running shoes are a must because they give the essential grip and stability for the varied and often treacherous terrain. Proper clothing should also be considered. It should be comfortable, breathable, and appropriate for the weather circumstances. A hydration pack or water bottle is advised. It is critical to stay hydrated throughout the race to retain your performance and avoid dehydration. You may be running for several hours depending on the distance you select, so having a consistent supply of water is crucial. A first aid box for minor injuries, a headlamp if you’ll be running in low-light situations or at night, and a phone with GPS are also advised for your safety and convenience. The latter can be useful for both tracking your progress and locating you on the route in an emergency.

The Dalmacija Ultra Trail registration usually opens in December and closes in February. However, these dates should be re-checked each year because they may fluctuate somewhat. The race itself takes place in April when the Dalmatian region’s picturesque magnificence is in full bloom. You can register for the race on the official website of the Croatian Mountaineering Society, the event’s organizing body. It’s worth mentioning that the race’s popularity has grown, and spots on each of the four courses are restricted. As a result, they frequently fill up. Prospective runners are advised to register as soon as possible to secure a spot in this unique event.

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