Located on the Adriatic Sea where the Centina River reaches the ocean, Omiš is 16 miles or 25 kilometers from the city of Split which is Croatia’s second-largest city. With stunning beaches and surrounded by dramatic mountains it will provide the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable holiday.

Situated by the estuary of the Cetina River there is a 13th-century fort (Fortress Mirabella) behind the old town that you can walk up to by following the stairs next to St. Michael church at the center of the old town. And another (Fortress Starigrad) is from the 15th century but this one takes 1 hour to climb up, so not for the faint-hearted, take sensible footwear to make sure you can get all the way there and back. There are a number of old churches in the old town, a Franciscan Monastery which has a library with an art collection including some interesting old Turkish documents.

With evidence of a settlement dating back 2000 years at this location, much of the architecture dates back to the Venetian rule from 1420 to 1444. Before that in the 12 and 13 centuries, it was known for its pirates whose ships ruled the local waters even going as far as attacking Venice at the time. More recently it was part of Yugoslavia until it became independent in 1991.

When you visit Omiš, you can spend your days lazing on the Omiš beach and exploring the town, but if you are up for some action, you should definitely consider visiting Omiš zipline and Omiš climbing, we will look at those in more detail in this article.

Omiš has a population of approximately 15,000 which more than triples in the height of the holiday season, with most tourists staying in private accommodation as the number of hotels is very limited. Tourism is the main source of income for Omiš followed by fishing, textiles, farming, and food processing industries.

The peak season when the sea is warm enough for most swimmers is April to May, this is when the largest number of people visit Omiš, so if you prefer it to be quieter then it is best to opt for a different time of year although there are some events that only happen during the peak season as we will see.

If you do go in the main season, you will find there are lots of attractions around the old town including the Klapa Festival which is a capella singing festival that can be found in churches and in some of the outdoor squares of the old town.

Recommended equipment when you visit Omiš, a good camera to capture the stunning scenery and interesting architecture, ideally a GoPro for those all-important action shots of you experiencing ziplining, climbing, and rafting. Of course, if action sports are not your thing you will still be delighted by the beaches, food, history, and charming architecture and people.

In the rest of this article, we will provide a quick guide to the best attractions, excursions, and activities that you should consider when you visit Omiš, this is not a complete list, but they include some of the attractions that have made Omiš an essential destination for many people.


The exceptional location and varied environment offer a variety of summer activities and experiences.


One of the most memorable things to do when you visit Omiš is the 2100-meter-long Omiš zipline. Known as the longest horizontal zipline in Croatia, it is split up into 8 ziplines that crisscross the stunningly beautiful Cetina Canyon. The longest run is 700 meters and 150 feet off the ground and above the Cetina River.

Parties are accompanied by 2 guides who will ensure your safety and demonstrate how to behave on 2 25-meter training ziplines.

Opening hours are 8:00 to 17:00 and each trip takes 3-4 hours to complete, there is no food supplied so take 1 liter of water and some snacks with you if you are going to need them, although you will end the trip back in town so there will be plenty of shops and restaurants available to you when you are done.

There is a weight limit of 140 kg and an age limit of 7-99 years old, so it really is a great experience for all ages and the whole family. Very young children may need to rid of tandem with an adult.


With 1.5 km of sandy coastline in total Omiš offers the perfect destination for the beach lover. Velika Plaza was also known as Big Beach is 700 meters long and makes a perfect destination for families with children and sunbathers. There is volleyball, football windsurfing, and a playground for the kids. This beach is within walking distance from the town center.

Slavinj and Vrzet beaches were situated 10 minutes from Omiš toward the south. They are pebble beaches one of which is lined with pine trees.

Camp Galeb is a 400-meter-long sandy beach that starts at Camping Galeb and heads in the direction of Split. Park on the main road and walk to the beach. There is a fast food and coffee bar and deckchairs and sunshades for rent, and a saltwater pool. If you get there early you can take advantage of the shade from the trees.


If you are just starting out with Rock climbing or are a seasoned climber you will find that when you visit Omiš, it has something for everyone in the field of rock climbing. For the serious rock climber, Omiš climbing is rapidly becoming a hub for rock climbers and now has a total of 46 recreational courses making it one of the top sites in Croatia. Some of the well-known crags include, Tugare, Mimice, Gorica, Klobuk, Perun, and Vrulja these vary from 5 to 16 km with a wide range of different level routes.

There are also some excellent tours that cater to beginners with no experience where you can start on routes from 10 to 30 meters with route grades starting at 4c. The minimum age is generally 8 years old. The tours operate every day all year round provided there are at least 2 or more people with a maximum of 50. All equipment is provided and transported to the climb site. After a 4-hour climb, you have the option of swimming in the sea or the river nearby. With all this considered, if you have a head for heights and you visit Omiš it is a must to check out Omiš climbing. Please book before traveling to ensure availability on the day, off-peak climbs can be canceled if there are no bookings.


Not real pirates, but a stage battle between two pirate ships on the sea with sword fights, pistols, and cannons. This show is on once a year on the 18th of August, a must-see if you visit Omiš at that time of year. There are also pirate nights at river Cetina, a pirate sailing trip up the river, and a pirate night where you take a trip up the river and your boat gets boarded by pirates with guns blazing followed by a buffet with drinks, juice for kids and wine for the adults. The night also includes dancing and pirate games like arm wrestling. All in all, a great night out for the kids and adults alike. These do not run all year so if you want this to be part of your holiday, check with us for the opening dates before booking Omiš pirates.


If you are ready for the thrill of white-water rafting, there are a number of rafting in Omiš tour operators that provide all of the equipment you need and a guide to keep you safe. You will be provided with life vests, helmets, paddles, and neoprene suits. Be sure to book one of the professional licensed operators and skippers.


If you prefer to take an organized Omiš trekking tour when you visit Omiš, there are plenty to choose from. Expect the pace to be set by the slowest person on the tour, which might be pretty slow for some of the high climbs. But if you enjoy more of a leisurely pace, the company of a group, and a guide to tell you the history then Omiš Trekking is probably for you.


For those of you that like to walk, Omiš hiking offers a huge selection of trails that you can explore when you visit Omiš, from baby strolls to epic hikes with 4396-foot elevations like Omiš Pisak where the castle is perched on top of the mountain. When you go Omiš hiking some routes are signposted from the town center and they are kind enough to put the approximate walk time on the signs, so you don’t take on something that you struggle to get around in time. However, it is probably best to plan your hike online in advance. There are some excellent websites for this such as AllTrails which has 42 well-documented hikes of different levels. For those not accustomed to long-distance and high-altitude hikes, make sure you go well prepared with a fully charged phone, torch, plenty of water and snacks, good quality hiking boots or trainers, and a change of clothing.


Why not take a windsurfing course and learn the basics in the perfect environment when you visit Omiš Riviera. The shallow sea and strong Mistral wind is the perfect combination to keep you moving on your board. Lessons are provided for 3 to 10 hours by Tramontana Surf School and many other schools for your personal Omiš windsurfing experience.

If you already know what you are doing, there are plenty of hire shops for surfing, body boarding, and windsurfing equipment of all levels. There are too many to list in this article but let us know if you need help selecting the best one when you visit Omiš.


If you prefer to be under the water, rather than on the water, the simplest way to get started when you visit Omiš, is to hire snorkeling equipment at a low cost for the day, but to really get in amongst the fishes you will want to join one of the driving schools for some basic training in how to use scuba diving equipment properly. After the training is complete you will be taken to some interesting locations in the sea or river. Newly trained divers will be able to go down to about 15 meters which is enough for sites like Bridge and Mestina which is a sunken pirate fortification. There is also a sunken merchant ship that can be explored by beginners. More experienced divers can explore Ruskamen at a dept of 30 meters. And Vruja is regarded as one of the best dive sites in Europe due to the underwater source of the Cetina River, this site is rich with marine life. Cetina spring comes from a cave at an approximate depth of 200 meters creating high turbulences as the salt and freshwaters mix. This of course is only for very experienced divers. Discover the world of scuba diving in Omiš.


If you want to turn the adrenaline dial down a bit and enjoy something more relaxing but still active, a great option is kayaking. Starting 5 miles upstream from Omiš, you will be provided with your kayaks and a guide. The tranquility of drifting down the river with no engine noise, just the sound of your paddles in the water will put you at one with nature and open a whole host of great sightseeing and photo opportunities. The guide will be equipped with video and camera equipment and the footage will be provided to you for free, so you don’t have to risk taking your phone going in for a swim! Of course, any time you get hot you can just jump in and cool down. Be sure to take, a swimsuit, sports shoes, water bottle, towel, and snacks. Omiš kayaking experience is a must for everyone.


Gubavica Waterfall is a must when visiting Omiš, the 50-meter-high waterfall is in Zadvarje, which is 20 km from Omiš. Of course, the amount of water at these falls will depend on recent rainfall so in the dry season it is possible that there is no water at all. If that happens at least you know you are getting good weather for the rest of your holiday. This can be visited on its own or as part of a canyoning tour.


Omiš Fortica is a fortress on the mountain top with stunning views. Omiš Fortica is 260 meters above Omiš and steeped in a rich history from the 14th and 15th centuries


Any trip to Omiš would is not complete without a trip to Omiš Mirabella Fortress. Omiš Mirabella Fortress is a Romanesque fortress built in the 13th century. It is rumored to have been involved in an attack by the Turks in 1537, where the defenders put up such a performance with noise and shooting that the Turks fled even though they massively outnumbered the local people in the fort.


If you have younger children, Dinopark Omiš is a great day out for all the family. Please note. Unfortunately, due to rain damage, Dinopark Omiš is now closed, but it might reopen in the future.


There are boat trips up and down the Cetina River that you can try when you visit Omiš. Some stop at a restaurant before returning to the start. Booking an Omiš boat trip is not always necessary depending on the season. There is also a Cetina canyon boat trip idea for the whole family.

If you visit Omiš port you will find that there are numerous boat trips on offer to a nearby islands like Brac, Hyar or Salta. There are also boat trips to Split and all-day boat trips that visit hidden caves and that give you the chance to see the rich marine life.


Each region in Croatia has its own distinct culinary flavors and traditions, the coastal regions have a Mediterranean feel with influences from Roman, Greek, and Italian cuisine, particularly Venetian with ingredients like olive oil, sage rosemary, oregano, bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves with orange and lemon rind. Main ingredients include dairy, meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, and cereals. With cooking procedures such as grilling roasting baking and stewing.

Whereas in the mainland regions, the food has been more influenced by the Slavic traditions with Hungarian and Turkish influences.



Arrive at Split Airport located in Kastil Stafilic, from there it is approximately 45 km to Omiš. That will cost about 400-500 kuna by taxi. So it may be worth booking an airport transfer in advance or taking a bus to Split, then a local bus to Omiš.


Driving to Omiš from the A1 motorway (ZagrebSplit-Dubrovnik) take the Split/Dugopolje exit and Omiš is 35 km from there. The other exit you can take is Bisko exit.


The bus from Split to Omiš is number 60 and leaves hourly from 6:00 until midnight. The price of a single ticket is 20 kuna one way. The trip should take 30 to 40 minutes if the traffic isn’t too bad.