Omiš Zipline


There is nothing better than relaxing by the beach at Pikolo Apartments but if you are really going to remember your holiday and get those priceless Instagram moments, you have to do something to get the excitement and adrenalin rush going. Omis zipline is that destination, with the title of the longest horizontal zipline in Croatia with a total length of 2100 meters, the longest being 700 meters and 150 meters off the ground and the Cetina River. You will cross the 300-meter-high Cetina Canyon 8 times on the way down and experience some of the most beautiful scenery in Croatia. You will be accompanied by 2 guides who will demonstrate how to behave on the zipline and give you a chance to practice on the training 25-meter ziplines before you take on the large ones that cross the canyon.

Where is it located in Omis?

The Omis zipline start point is located by the bay in the town of Omis, there are bars shops and restaurants in the town so there is plenty to do and well worth exploring as part of your day. After you spend a few hours on the Omis zipline you will be ready for a drink and something to eat when you get back.

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How To Get There from Pikolo Apartments?

The Omis zipline start point is located just 3.4 km, that’s about an 8-minute drive from Pikolo Apartments.

The address is Josipa Pupačića 4, Omiš 21310, Croatia.

The opening hours are 8:00 to 17:00 and open every day.

What Else Do You Need To Know Before Going?

The age limit is 7-99 years old, however, young children may need to ride tandem with an adult at the discretion of the guide.

It is possible for the zipline operator to handle large parties; they will just spit them into 10-minute segments.

The weigher limit is 140 kg

Omis zipline will take 3-4 hours to complete.

You should take any food you want with you and 1 liter of drinking water. For clothing, you should wear comfortable sports clothing and trainers or hiking boots.

Make Omis zipline part of your schedule when you stay at Pikolo Apartments for a truly unforgettable day out.

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